Wavelength Hosts UK Premiere Of View From A Blue Moon

Last night saw the official UK premiere of John Florence’s brand new film View From A Blue Moon, hosted by Wavelength at The Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay.


Already being touted as the best surf film of the decade, there was a palpable sense of excitement in the sold out cinema as the opening credits rolled and as the film began the anticipation quickly turned to awe.

The film, which is undoubtedly has the highest production values of any surf movie ever made, is the first ever to be shot in 4k and features some of the most colourful places on earth, providing a nice bit of rest bite from the perpetually overcast Cornish winter. For me personally, as someone who spends much of their time watching surfing videos on a 13 inch laptop, it was incredible to see the film on the big screen with full surround sound, with the cinematography and overall production making for an unforgettably immersive experience.

Needless to say the film featured some of the most progressive surfing we’ve ever seen, which was regularly met with whoops from the crowd, however it was also clear that the film makers had really gone out of their way to explore and exhibit the rich diverse cultures of the places featured in the film creating new levels of interest not found within your average surf film.

We’d like to thank Hurley and the Lighthouse Cinema for allowing us to host the event and of course everyone who turned up to watch it- we look forward to seeing you all again at future Wavelength screenings.