The Best British Film Of 2016: A Road Through Galicia

A road trip through north-west Spain with Cornish logger Mike Lay & Friends

Winner of the 2016 Best British Film at the London Surf Film Festival, this is ‘A Road Through Galicia’ starring Mike Lay, Jack Whitefield & Elsie Pinniger.

The flick documents a meandering journey along Spain’s scenic north-west coastline, where the team search for peelers and good times. Beautifully produced by Luke Pilbeam, the edit captures perfectly the vibe of a summer surf sojourn, where the strike mission mentality of dashing from cove to cove in the hopes of scoring the highest quality rollers around gives way to an all together more laid back approach, where a beer at sunset is cherished as much as any wave caught.

The gang take with them a wide selection of craft, which they use to max out the potential for fun in any given conditions, because as Mike puts it, the best way to combat bad waves, is to ride them.