Alex Knost & Ellis Ericson’s Alternative Hawaiian Winter

Alex Knost & Ellis Ericson trade macking pipe for fun sized waves on an some alternative craft

When you think of winter on the North Shore, you probably imagine a huge crowd of pros floating out the back at Pipe, jostling to get into position to huck themselves over the ledge into a big, perfect barrel, or perhaps your minds eye sees the world’s best high performance guys, racing down the line at Ehukai, ready to hit that perfectly rampy, wind tickled section.

When Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson head to Hawaii they’re looking for something a little different. Watch them here, armed with a quiver of alternative craft, including hand shaped single fins and a 90s Bonzer replica, as they head a little way up the coast from the spots that flood your screens daily at this time of year, and manage to find something a little more manageable to practise their eccentric and unique little dance.