Amuse Bouche – Adrien Toyon

An Amuse Bouche, otherwise known as an appetiser. Here is Adrien Toyon and he rips.

I am originally from Reunion island and it’s really hard to be a surfer there at the moment, it used to be paradise with great waves and energy and we used to surf the entire time – dusk and dawn included. Sadly that’s not the case anymore, I hope that it will change in the near future. It’s a desperate situation. When I haven’t been travelling on the QS grind, I’ve been surfing a lot around Anglet and Biarritz where I’ve been living for the past two years. The waves are super fun, I never used to surf down here much when I was living in Hossegor, it’s so different. We filmed this clip in two sessions in Hossegor, the sandbanks are really good at the moment

I’ve been doing quite good on the WQS this year, especially in the Aussie leg. Really looking forward to getting back in the Primes after the mid-year cut, back in the top 100.

Outside of my QS I am really pushing my freesurfing –  hence putting out this clip as a little teaser. I feel there is a gap in European freesurfing and we are lagging a bit behind the Aussie and USA crew in terms of international exposure. It would be sick to have Europe up there with those guys. Let’s see what happens in the next few years. I have new management from the guys at Wasted Talent, and I am getting filmed a lot more so super keen to push myself and get some sick clips at home and on trips.