An Amazing Look at Surfing in Maui, Feat Clay Marzo, Dusty Payne & More

‘There’s a beautiful volcano in the middle of the ocean where the waves get really good.’ says surf film maker David Phelps.

He’s talking about Maui, Hawaii’s second biggest island and the subject of a new series of web clips he’s making called Third Eyeland.

“Third Eyeland is a project I started filming over a year ago when the first El Niño Swell reached the island.” he says of the project “The goal was to capture some of the insane talent and raw beauty I saw around me.”

Maui has churned out arguably some of surfings most unique and well rounded surfers over the past few decades. So much so we’d say you’d be hard pressed to find an area that has produced as many world class aerialists, who also absolutely charge (WA probably comes a close second) as locals Clay Marzo, Matt Meola & Albee Layer to name just three. This is undoubtedly a result of the rich wave variety on offer, including the world famous Jaws, Honolua and a whole array of perfectly wind tickled ramps.

“Maui is the main character of this series” continues Phelps “and some of the other stars include Dusty Payne, Kevin Sullivan, Granger Larsen, Randy Welch, Clay Marzo and a bunch of other Maui friends that shred”

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Clay Marzo
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