Cotty re-signs with Tiki Wetsuits

Andrew Cotton or Cotty as he is better known, has signed up for another year with Tiki wetsuits.

Part of the team since 2010, Cotty’s partnership with Tiki has allowed him to chase the biggest swells in the North Atlantic, scoring multiple XXL nominations and shortlists for Biggest Wave at Mullghmore and Nazare.

In turn, Cotty’s single minded pursuit of the biggest cold water waves, provides Tiki with the best winter wetsuit test pilot. Cotty was instrumental in the development and testing of the Tiki Zepha wetsuit, launched in 2012. The latest version of this suit, the Zepha 2 is currently in testing and will be launched in 2014. “Cotty’s a local surfer that we’ve watched develop into one of the world’s best big wave surfers. As a UK based company we’ve always developed wetsuits for cold water surfing. Having Cotty on the team allows us to test the suits in the most extreme situations, ensuring a world class product” Tim Heyland, Tiki.