Blue Black Cold Water Surf Exhibition

Circle Contemporary Gallery, in conjunction with Finisterre, is excited to announce the opening of Blue Black, a cold water surf exhibition.

Blue Black features new and old works from artists and photographers Ben Cook, John Eldridge, David Gray, Tim Nunn and Mickey Smith. The photography and art on display touches deep within the realms of cold water surfing, a side of surfing that all can relate to here in the UK.


Circle Contemporary Gallery, Hawksfield, A39, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7LR (refreshements served)

Films showing in the Paddock Room
(free Harbour Ale on entry, until stocks last)

Dark Side of the Lens (Mickey Smith, 2010)
Cold Water Tracking (CMBL, 2014)
Coming Up for Air (Mickey Smith/Finisterre, 2014)
Edges of Sanity (Chris McClean/Finisterre, 2014)
Ireland, taken from Spirit of Akasha (Mickey Smith, 2014)
Interlude, taken from Across the Sea Sideways (John Eldridge, 2004)

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