Bronson Meidy: The Best 12 Year Old Surfer In The World

Bronson Meidy is undoubtedly one of the best young surfers in the world

Ok, so we know we make grand proclamations of this nature fairly often, but watch the video and we’ll be very surprised if you disagree.

The clip stars Bronson Meidy, born to an Ozzie Dad and Indonesian mum, he’s 12 years old and lives just a few hundred metres away from Lakey Peak, arguably the best high performance wave in the world. He’s spent 2016 island hopping between Java Sumbawa and Bali, cutting his teeth on the numerous world class waves that line their shores and in the process developing a formidable armoury of skills. This year he has decided to move to Bali to continue his schooling and gain a little more contest experience. Exciting thing lie ahead for this kid: