Carlos Munoz in Endemik

Carlos Munoz represents an exciting shift happening in pro surfing at the moment. He’s the first pro surfer ever to come out of Costa Rica and was the first ever central American surfer to surf in a WCT event, after his whole country (including the nations football team) got behind him and voted him through the Hurley Pro wild card video trials in 2014. And as many of you will remember Munoz went on to beat Medina in the dying seconds of his fist ever CT heat.

He’s part of a small contingent currently competing in the top rated WQS events who hail from countries where becoming a pro surfer has only been possible since the early naughties. As a result said contingent turn up to each comp with a fire in their belly not easily replicated in those from countries which have a clear and well trodden pathway from talented grom to international pro. He is also the only surfer from central America in the top 150, making him the sole ambassador for an area teaming with passionate surf fans, looking to pin their hopes on his frizzy barnet covered head.

Munoz has now been competing on the WQS for several years, and is sitting up at a respectable 39th, however there’s a lot more to the young Costa Rican than his rank, as you can see from his latest clip. You can see the influence of his local wave rich coastline in his surfing, with talent and style in the barrel and bags flair in fun sized rampy beachies, with a super inverted tail high reverse on lock.