Clark Little Causes Controversy With Bum Crack Caption Comp

Clark Little has caused controversy on Instagram by inviting people to caption an image which features a bare bum crack

Celebrated shore-break photographer Clark Little was met with a slew of criticism last night after he posted an image of a women lying in the shore-break with her bikini coming down to reveal her bum crack and encouraging people to caption it.

The post quickly a became a hotbed of cutting edge wit – with a cascade of hilarious crack related puns including ‘what the crack’ and ‘kooks fat crack’.

Some expressed tentative disapproval, saying that the post was in quite bad taste and that they hoped Little had asked the woman’s permission before posting her image online. Others didn’t see the funny side at all, and flat out condemned Clark for posting an image that was so clearly likely to encourage nasty comments about the women pictured.

Others accused Clark of encouraging body shaming and termed him a bully. Some even claimed the post was sexist, however respondents were quick to say gender had nothing to do with it, with one commenter asserting that ‘if it was a males ass, we would all still be laughing’.

Indeed there are many surf related IG accounts dedicated to this sort of mockery and so the question seems not to be not if this particular post is acceptable but whether the whole culture of posting, often covertly taken, image of people on the internet for the express purpose of them being ruthlessly mocked is.

Is it all a bit of fun or is the surf community tacitly encouraging online bullying with these sort of posts? Let us know what you think in the comments.