Clay Marzo, Chippa Wilson & Matt Meola On A Wave Filled Holiday

Three of the worlds most exciting goofy footers enjoying a wave drenched getaway

Undoubtedly three of the most exciting goofy footers in the world combining for an entry into Surfing World’s short film comp ‘Reelers’.

It comes at a particularly welcome moment, as it’s been a little while since we’ve seen anything new from these chaps, and we often find ourselves whiling away the days watching old Clay flicks, or Matt Meola’s ridiculous aerial highlight reel on repeat, longing for some brand new surf footage of the fellas to drop from cyber space.

This new clip features the trio doing what they do best – boosting airs, gravity defying lay backs and threading some particularly delightful looking tubes somewhere overly tropical. Apart from the odd moment of weird digital stylisation, it’s pretty free from frills, and comes served as is, ready to be indulged in and enjoyed, so dive in: