‘Cold Reality Tour’ with Tim Nunn and Micah Lester

Next Friday Oneil will begin their ‘Cold Reality’ tour, featuring the screening of a new cold water surf documentary as well as a Q and A about cold water surf exploration. Acclaimed surf photographer Tim Nunn along with pro surfer Micah Lester will be there to answer your questions and give a talk about one of their most recent adventures.

Here’s what Tim had to say about the tour:

“Cold Reality is a journey into what it really means to surf in the coldest reaches of our planet. Beyond the polished images of perfect waves are the days of waiting, waiting through storms, freezing weather and chasing those magic moments when tide, wind and swell come together. This is the reality of surfing at the extreme ends of the planet, not just those magic moments.”

Workshop dates as follows:
September 25th, Cloudbreak, Saltash
September 26th , Down the Line, Hayle
October 8th, Le Surfing, Hossegor
October 17th, Shore, Witterings
October 18th, Sorted Surf Shop