Cowabunga it’s the Keebunga

Keebunga is the new solution for surfers faced with the problem of what to do with their fancy electronic car keys while they’re out there in the ever so car-key-unfriendly ocean.

The World’s first hard shell key case give’s you 360° peace of mind: Proven shockproof and waterproof to a depth of 90 feet, it’s also manufactured within a new business framework that lets you decide how sustainable it is.

“We decided to give customers all the information they might want about our product, from where it is made to who it’s made by and a detailed break down of exactly how much it cost us and how much mark up we’re making,” says James Williams, Keebunga’s founder and director.

James is keenly interested in sustainability and protecting the environment. He found that in pursuing these ethics within manufacturing he was bombarded with so much conflicting information that the best way was to give customers all the facts about his products.

But James has faith in the principles of his customers too: “I believe that people want to see something new from business and that they will choose us because of our openness and ethical practices. I also know that our customers want something that actually works and will last. The current “rush to the bottom” business model relies on cheapening products to the extent that no sooner are they sold they end up in land fill. This type of consumption is causing real harm to both people and environment, and consumers get a raw deal too.”

Find out more on the Keebunga Website.

Keebunga now has to raise £25,000 through in order to put the key case into production and test its’ business model in the real world.