Dolphin Lands On Surfer!

The internet loves clips of surfers interacting with the wildlife that surrounds us in the sea as we go about our daily sea based activities. Remember this one of the seal that desperately wanted to get on the blokes surfboards in the North East of England? Or the dolphin that dropped in on the guy on a SUP?  And of course who could forget this one, which was streamed live across the internet, featuring a man in a grey jacket giving old Mick Fanning a little bump in the J-Bay final last year?

And now we’ve got a new one, featuring a pretty hefty body slam from a usually serene aquatic pal. The victim of which is a pretty bewildered 13 year old Aussie grom, named Jed Gradisen, who after snapping a board paddled back out on a mates, only to have it punctured by the nose of a dolphin. “He was just as shocked as I was,” he recounted of the incident. Watch him narrates the entire ordeal here for your viewing pleasure: