An Epic Month In Ireland

A trip in the Emerald Isles with visitors & locals

Here’s a brand new clip starring the Emerald Isle as she comes into season, before what is bound to be another epic winter.

Filmed over a month long stay during the Autumn, it features South African chargers Frank Solomon (of Lets Be Frank), Daniel Redman and Josh Redman, in the north-west corner of Ireland. They explore potential setups, firing lineups, beautiful countryside and the occasional pub. They met up and hung out with local “shams” including Conner McGuire, Dylan Stott, Barry Motheshead and Noah Lane, who apparently helped to keep the good times rolling, both in and out of the water.

Whilst Connor is a local born and bread, Dylan, Barry and Noah all hail from foreign lands, who came early (some specifically for wave searching) and were so entranced with the place, they never left.

This clip kicks off with a mental paddle session out at Mullies, before the crew head north to sample the numerous delights on offer around Bundoran. The waves look freezing and pumping and the mood of the edit typically Irish: