Episode Five Of ‘Twelve’ With John John Florence

A brand new episode of JJF's epic web series 'Twelve' featuring Tahitian adventures

Your new world champ John John Florence has just dropped a brand new episode of his epic web series ‘Twelve’.

In this episode John John heads for Tahiti where he enjoys a few days of free surfing with his brother and pals, before pulling on a jersey for the comp.

‘We always seem to get insane little waves, that no one’s around. At the end of the day, you’re always surfed out and you’re like that was the best day ever,” he says of his visit to the country, and it certainly looks just as good as he claims.

The overall production is as high quality as ever and the small documentary segment, featuring John’s recovery from his knee injury features as much genuine insight as any surf web clip. So dive in and enjoy: