Episode Four Of ‘Twelve’ With John John Florence

A brand new episode of the fantastic online series ‘Twelve’, which follows John John Florence, the enigmatic Hawaiian, who currently sits at number one in the world.

Following in the stylistic footsteps of John John’s seminal film ‘View From A Blue Moon’ which dropped earlier this year, episode four is just a visually stunning as the previous three, (which you can see here, here, and here) focussing on Florence’s love for sailing. With an insightful voice over featuring narration from the man himself on the mediative and mindful qualities of sailing and surfing this clip is so much more than just a free surf edit.

“Surfing and sailing, it’s doesn’t seem like there’s any limits.” he says “You’re trying to learn about a natural force that’s never the same. It’s going to scare you at times and it’s going to be the most beautiful things at times. But the most exciting thing about the ocean is you don’t know what’s coming. It’s all being an artist in your own way and being creative in your own lines.”

The surfing too, is obviously fantastic, with a crazy rodeo flip, solid back flip, big alley-oop and a gravity defying layback, JJF’s insanely comfortable style and expert board control making for a visual surf based feast, dive in: