Episode Three Of ‘Twelve’ With John John Florence

You might think we’ve gone a bit John John mad here at the Length. Yesterday we posted this loquacious long read and now the invitation to watch an 18 minute online documentary featuring a behind the scenes look at Brazil, Fiji and South Africa, three comps where John John finally appeared to hit his competitive stride, securing some keeper results and putting himself in the running for the world title this year. Directed by Bill Ballard, the production is arguably the best you’ll see in any web series out there at the moment, and the surfing is world class (obviously). However as well as the usual top class visual juice, this series offers genuine insight into the day to day activities and mindset of the often enigmatic Hawaiian, who so many already believe to be the bonafide best in the world. So grab lunch, sit back and enjoy 18 minutes, one the road and in the mind of JJF:

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