A Festival Of Carnage With JOB 6.0

It’s that time of the week again, JOB has dropped a new web clip featuring him and his crews fool hardy, board based antics and this one is bursting at the seems. This week the gang head to Cali, where they start by surfing some alternative craft at Newport Wedge, before nipping off for a spot of behind the boat action, which see’s Poopies, dressed in a speedo as ever, get smashed on various craft.

Next they cruise over to the Catch surf factory, where they grab some mini-foamies and take ’em for a tow-at spin. Whatever happened to tow-at? Remember when it was really big? And there’d be shots of it in mags often and various tow-at air comps?  Perhaps it’s due a resurgence- would definitely spice up a wave pool comp. Anyway, the final segment features a quick skate session, some jousting and poopies learning that concrete stairs hurt a lot more Enjoy!

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