The Final Episode of ‘Twelve’, With John John Florence

The final episode featuring John John's Triple Crown win and some incredible free surfing in his backyard

The final episode of John John’s ‘Twelve’ series has just dropped, featuring John John’s Triple Crown win and some incredible free surfing in his backyard, it’s the perfect way to round off what has surely been the best surf web series ever.

We don’t need to tell you what an incredible year John has had, because you’ve no doubt been watching it in all its technicolour glory, streamed live into your living room, then packaged up in neat highlight reels and finally documented beautifully in his web series ‘Twelve’.

John has just signed a new deal with Hurley, and although the team are keeping tight lipped about the numbers, we’ve no doubt it’s one of the biggest ever in terms of cash dollars. “They’ve been really supportive, which is the best part.” John told Stab of his relationship with the brand. “When I said I wanted to make a movie; they told me to go for it. When I wanted to focus on competition, they told me the same. Everything about Hurley is like a family.”

“When we finished View from a Blue Moon, my main focus turned to the tour,” he continued “But filming and everything that goes into it is a passion of mine, and at the beginning of the year my whole team helped come up with the ‘Twelve’ series. I just really enjoy working with cameras and working with Erik [Knutson] (the filmmaker behind VFABM who has been cruising with JJF all year).

I was like, ‘Oh, let’s just document the tour all year.’” The result is a truly insightful look behind the scenes of John’s title campaign, which ended up documenting the most successful year ever completed by a professional surfer, with an unbelievable free surf reel bolted on for good measure. Here’s the final episode:

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