The Future Stars Of Surfing Run Rampant In France

During the Quik Pro France, Quiky shipped a crew of their most promising up and comers out to France to soak in all that the great nation has to offer; “Naked girls, pizza, crepes, barrels, croissants.”

They came for the waves. They stayed for the pastries. They hailed from places near and far — but mostly far. We’re talking New Zealand, Mexico,America, Indonesia, Australia, Mars, etc. They represent modern surfing at it’s most diverse, explosive and exciting.

They raided bakeries, they threw ridiculous Hail Mary’s (see Kael Walsh at 50 secs) and lingered a little longer than acceptable when passing bikkiniless sunbathers.

We don’t usually list the names of all the surfers featured in a clip, but these are ones your going to want to remember- the future surf stars of tomorrow. So take note and maybe slip them into a conversation with pals about the future of surfing and then in five years time when these are the next Dane’s and Noa’s and John John’s everyone will think you’re the oracle:

Kael WalshKehu ButlerLennox ChellRio WaidaKade MatsonTaj LindbladJackson ButlerMarco Mignot.

Photos by Bosko, Chad Wells, Luke Gartside

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