Grom Files – Rory Morgan

We're back with a fresh new from file, this week first one is Rory Morgan from Bournemouth.

We’re back with a fresh new from file, this week first one is Rory Morgan from Bournemouth.

Name: Rory Morgan

Age: 15

Instagram: rorymorgn

Local break: Bournemouth

When did you first start surfing: 3 1/2 years

How did you get into surfing: Had a lesson on Waikiki beach, Honolulu

Who are your surf buddies: Elliot Mills, Declan Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Chile (Javier), Mason Alderman, the list goes on haha

What is your favourite wave: A hollow left

Favourite international surfer: Kelly…or Dane

Favourite UK surfer: Alan Stokes

Sponsors: Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, Sorted Surf Shop/ Wetsuit Centre, Ripcurl Wetsuits

Describe a typical day at home: Wake up, check the surf, eat, surf (if there are waves), eat, surf (if there are waves), watch tv or go on laptop, eat, sleep and repeat. If no waves then skate or meet friends.

Whats the strong point of your surfing: Probably my backhand snaps

what are you surf plans for 2014: Portugal again in Febuary and Cornwall probably throughout the year.

In 10 years what will you be doing: No idea, haha. Still surfing though!Apart from surfing what else are you into: Skating, rugby,cycling

Surfboard dimensions: 5’5

Where have you surfed in the world: Portugal,Morocco, Wales, France

Favourite UK wave: Its got to be Bournemouth, haha

Favourite international wave: Anchor Point

Best waves on the recent Portugal trip: Either Cabanas or Hippie Beach

Favourite food on the trip: The Mexican food in the Green Room, Lagos

Who did the best surfing on the trip: To be fair everyone was surfing the best I had seen them, so everyone?

what is the best thing about surfing: Travelling and meeting new people.

Favourite Manoeuvre: A huge forehand carve or a big straight air (not that I have done a huge air yet but working on it !)
For more check out www.surfsolutions.tvrory1

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