Harry Timson joins Nigel Semmens Surfboards

If you don’t know Nigel Semmens, he started surfing in his early teens, has a cupboard full of trophies thanks to competition success at just about every level and now in his late 50’s is one of the most respected surfer shapers in Europe. He’s a surfing legend.

If you don’t know Harry Timson, he started surfing in his pre-teens, also has a cupboard full of trophies after winning countless comps in his teenage years and now at the ripe old age of 20 is known in the industry as one of the most talented, stylish and aggresive surfers in Europe. He rides a tube like a Hawaiin and airs like a Brazillian. Hi rips.

These two unstoppable forces have combined and Harry is now riding for NS Surfboards. There’s no real moral to this story, we just wanted to say a public congratulations to both. Keep on ripping guys.

Wavelength Sessions – North Cornwall Coast

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