Incredible Tandem Tube Ride At Perfect Chopes

Most of the time, surfers aren’t looking to share waves. There are a few notable exceptions of course including big paddle days, river bores and of course party waves on small days with your pals. However for the most part, it’s not what anyones out there for.

Very occasionally you’ll see a party wave that doesn’t end in terse words, or an all out rugby tackle, but instead serendipitously turns into something pretty epic.

And this is one of those clips. It features Dylan Longbottom and Bruce Irons sharing a crazy good keg, on a epic looking day back in 2014 at the Tahitian reef. It had been reported before hand the line up would be restricted on this day, as they were filming for Point Break two, however the rumours turned out to be untrue, and it ended up being one of the best days of the 2014 season.