An Interview With Ben Skinner And His Prodigious Eight Year-Old Son

We sit down with Longboard Champ Ben Skinner and his young son Lucas

A few weeks ago a clip dropped featuring UK logger Ben Skinner surfing around his home Cornwall. In it were a few clips featuring his son, eight-year-old Lucas Skinner, pulling into a few sandy drainers and suffice to say we were pretty impressed.

However it’s not the first time we’d caught wind of Lucas, in fact his name had cropped up quite a few times in various features exploring the future of British surfing (like this one and this one) and when we ran in to Ben and Lucas in France the hype around the young lad was confirmed.

Lucas Skinner

Lucas pulling into a La Graviere keg. Photo Luke Gartside

On this day at La Graviere, Lucas was out surfing with his dad Ben and fellow UK longboarder Adam Griffiths and looked virtually fearless in the face of churning overhead French pits.

Like his Dad, Lucas is bold, talented and incredibly enthusiastic, and the two’s relationship, both in and out of the water, was clearly something  pretty special. Accordingly we decided to grab the pair, in between their daily surfs, to sit down with them and learn more about their dynamic and the nurture required to produce such a promising young surfer.

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Video by Mike Guest / Stash Media Worx

Cover photo by Lucia Griggi