Introducing Brendon Gibbens

EPOKHE is a sunglasses brand started by Dion Agius, Kai Neville and Mitch Coleborn, the idea for it came during the making of Modern Collective, when the boys couldn’t find any sunnies they wanted to wear, and since none of them had an eyewear sponsor, they decided to make their own. “Sunglasses tend to go in a 12 year cycle, and there are several big brands who are now in the 12th year of the 12 year cycle. This is kind of like the new wave hopefully coming in and bringing something fresh into the industry” Agius said of the brand last year, and it’s growth in popularity seems not to be slowing down.

Here’s a short clips welcoming the original founders long time pal Brendon Gibbens to the team, and it looks from it like he’s going to fit in just fine. Originally from South Africa, Gibbens resides a little further under the radar than some of his Cluster costars, however it his lower profile has nothing to do with a lack of talent. Many inside the free surf community consider Gibbens to be right at the forefront of the progression of aerial surfing (we heard he’s been trying front-flips for quite some time now) and with plenty of style and a solid rail to boot, it’s always a pleasure to see the young Zaf in action.

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