Introducing Our 10 favourite British Surf Clips… #1

Harry Timson- There's something about Harry

As new web clips featuring British surfers pour out online with greater frequency than ever before, we thought it was time to look back and rediscover some forgotten gems from years gone by. So for the last few weeks here at Wavelength HQ we’ve been trawling through the archives, watching as many web clips featuring British surfers as we could find and have decided to bring you our 10 favourites. So, here goes, in no particular order, for the next 10 days we’ll be posting a out a new clip everyday,  for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

Just as we were finalising our list, 19 year old Harry Timson’s new edit from his winter spent in Indo dropped into our Inbox and it didn’t take long to decide it was very much deserving of a place. With expert camera work from Gudi Ferrer and explosive and well rounded surfing from mr Timson, this is the perfect clip to launch our celebration of British Surfing talent.