Irish Ripper Gearoid McDaid’s Winter Portugal Retreat

Irish ripper Gearoid Mcdaid's slipped away this December to sample the delights of mid-winter Portugal

Gearoid is undoubtedly one of the best young surfers in the British Isles, with serious nous in the barrel and a razor sharp rail, as exemplified in his brand new clip.

G-man, as he’s known to his pals, has had a super busy year competing around Europe, going on strike missions and of course scoring along his own wave rich coastline in Ireland.

This clip features a little trip to Portugal back in December, where he managed to escape the biting cold of the celtic winter, slip into a few milder kegs and find some nice clean canvas’ to sink his rail into. It also features Portuguese local Nic Von Rupp putting on a similarly proficient power surfing exhibition.

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