ISPO Facto

So Wavelength went over to Germany. Munich to be precise – in fact ISPO to be even more German engineeringly accurate.

ISPO is mahooosive, surf, snow, outdoors everything for an active life, we did not even get close to scratching the surface… But we did bump into some interesting people with cool stuff, zipperless wetsuits from O’Neill, webcasting legend GT and his VonZipper Fore Play Goggles*. Patagonia wetsuits with a new entry system and FREE WEED!

Skateboards by Bureo made from fishing nets, THE man of the moment in European surfing Nick von Rupp at Hurley and Dragon, surfing on concrete with Sector Nine and their sidewinder trucks, our own Tom Butler waxing lyrical about the new Osprey wetsuit, some eye popping neoprene delights from GlideSoul for the girls and even a pair of cold water surf jeans from the guys at Finisterre, yup, it’s all in there, an interesting couple of days!

Elevator music and life changing. Yes! The lederhosen and beer film might drop another time, for now enjoy a behind the scenes peek.

*Note – this clip does contain a touch of adult language, watch out for GT, the man is dangerous!