James Parry joins Deflow Fins Team

Deflow Fins is proud to announce their newest team member James Parry.

543 photo Bryan Timm

Born in Sennen, in the South West Cornwall, UK, James is one of the best classic longboarder in Europe. He is a very stylish, smooth and well-balanced surfer and he surfs with every type of surfboards. James is regularly invited to the prestigious Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational competitions by Joel Tudor.

James decided that the European winter was too cold so he has passed his last months in California. He has been surfing with best Californian surfers and he has made room for himself in the Californian longboarders community.

It’s a pleasure for us to have James Parry in our team from the beginning. He will be the ambassador of our brand worldwide. We are sure that James will help us to grow as a brand and will contribute improving our fin templates.

Nowadays, James is working on the development of some new fin templates and we are looking forward to introduce his pro model fin very soon.

For more brand information:
Instagram: @deflowsurf