Jetski Smashes into Surfer in Bali

Surfer sustains a gash to the head and a broken nose after being run over by a jetski in Bali

A surfer has been left with a broken nose and requiring 12 stitches after he was run over by a jetski at Uluwatu in Bali.

The jetski in question, which was reportedly being driven by one of the owners of the nearby Padang Padang surf camp, was being used for step-offs, which is bizarre considering the waves were reportedly only 6-8 foot and the line up was as densely populated as ever, with dozens of surfers scratching for one of Ulu’s world famous walls.

Kiwi Tai Graham took to social media to give a little more info on the situation and the state of his friend: “The bro is ok and home now. 12 stitches to his head and multiple fractures in his nose but he’s sweet. Can’t remember anything after paddling for the wave till he was being looked after on the cliff. However, whoever helped him in Thank You. Tosca and the local boys! Sksma.”

A nasty gash to the head resulted in 12 stitches. Photo Indo Surf Life

“For a mad Maori with a nick name ‘Freaky’ I’m surprised how calm he is…for now. To the two clowns on the ski’s you know who you are, I’ve already spoken to you both and let you know what’s up! Looking forward to catching up and having a nice quiet cup of tea with you and the Bro’s. Before everyone jumps on the anti ski wagon, if you know how to drive one and where to drive one they’re sweet. But not in this case. Chur Cuzz glad your ok!!”

Whilst jetskis certainly have their place in modern surfing, this probably isn’t it. We wish the victim a speedy recovery and hope the driver is apologetic for seemingly reckless behaviour.

Let us know in the comments if you think the use of jetski’s should be limited depending on the conditions, or even banned all together if there’s anyone wanting to paddle.