Joan Duru Shredding at Home

Frenchman Joan Duru is currently sat at number 3 on the WQS rankings, putting him firmly in the firing line for WSL qualification at the end of the year.

Duru, who lives in Capbreton, has been grinding it out on the WQS since 2006, missing out on qualifying for the CT in 2009 by one spot. For years he has been considered by many as the best surfer in Europe and there’s a palpable excitement among European surf fans to see him finally crack his way into the top ranks of pro surfing.

“Deep down I’m a real competitor, I actually enjoy competing because if I didn’t I would have stopped a long time ago.” he told an interview with Surf Europe back in 2013. Duru is known, and is totally candid about the fact, that he likes to get on it with his mates when there’s a break in the contest schedule, however he says he trains hard too and his penchant for a good time has no bearing on his ability to compete. “Certain people question whether I’m really motivated enough, but those people clearly don’t really know me. I absolutely hate losing and my desire to qualify is stronger than ever.”

Vans have just dropped this edit of Joan surfing at home, and it certainly leaves us with no doubt that he’s good and ready for the CT:

Find out more about Joan in our exclusive interview with him in the next issue of our mag, out in a few weeks.