Jobe Harriss And Three Groms On Foamies In A Whomping Portuguese Beachie

Jobe Harriss and Three Groms pull into some heavy Portuguese close-outs

On a recent mission to Portugal, British champ Jobe Harriss, along with groms Barnaby Cox, Jo Morriss and Max Hudson, decided to put an assortment of foamies to the test in some whomping beachies with hilarious results.

Inspired by the antics of JOB and friends, the groms were looking for a specific set of conditions to try the boards out as Barnaby explains:

“We found some perfect fun sized but heavy close outs to take them out in and they worked pretty well- they’re so easy to take late take offs on and they make getting smashed more fun”.

Like most groms, theses kids weren’t afraid of taking a beating and undoubtedly spent a good while after the session getting sand out of their ears. “On one I slipped off the back of the board” describes Jo of his wipeout at the 1.03 mark “did a rolly polly, surfed on my back for a minute, then went over the falls and hit the sand”.

The boards, which are made by three different foamie manufacturer, are a pretty fun addition to any quiver for those less perfect days, and whilst it doesn’t look like the finless in particular is necessarily designed for these conditions, the others looked pretty ideal for practising pulling in, without any of the worries of getting smashed in the head that a normal stick presents.