Kelly Slater Invites Friends To His Wave Pool!

Slater has invited some friends to test out his wave pool, in a brand new series of clips you can now peruse the styles, creative flairs and individual approaches of  Nat Young, Kanoa Igarashi and Carissa Moore enjoying Slater’s man made phenomina and it Kelly reported there’s more to come in a recent post saying:

‘“This is #TheBestToyInTheWorld. @stephaniegilmore and @josh_kerr84 are here with me today and a couple other friends might make an entrance. Just starting to post some edits and show you guys what we’ve got in store for everybody,” The King posted to his Insta. “Stay tuned for more in the coming days. Thanks to everyone on my team for even making this possible. And keep in mind…this is version 1.0. I can only imagine where we are going with future versions. #SurfRanch”’

We cant wait! Here are the offerings so far: