Kerrzys 9-Year-Old Daughter, Sierra Kerr Absolutely Rips!

Already well known for her aptitude on a skateboard, 9 year old Sierra Kerr is not stranger to media hype. But this is the first clip we’ve seen of Kerrzy’s daughter shredding on a surfboard and like the rest of the surf world, we’re pretty blown away. Born the first year Kerrzy started competing on tour, Sierra was always destined to shine, with her genetic advantages, extensive travel to perfect surf destinations and early years coaching from one of the best in the game. Although she now she says she doesn’t exactly like to listen when her dad gives her advice. “When he tries to tell me what to do, I say, ‘You’re trying to coach me, Dad! I want to go over here and try to figure it out myself!’”And indeed it’s clear that she deserves plenty of the credit. From this clip its apparent she possesses confidence, determination and raw talent which are extremely rare to see in those still in single digits, regardless of gender.

Inspiring other young girls to skate and surf is already on Sierra’s radar and with her profile growing and her 25k social media followers, we have no doubt that she is doing just that. “I have guy friends that I hang out with at the skate park, and then I have my girl friends.” she said on the subject “When I’m with my girl friends, I’ll teach them how to skate, and they’ll teach me how to do their stuff.”

It seems in the current climate of female pro surfing, these formative years really are the most fun and carefree (especially when you’re already travelling the world). As Sierra grows up and makes decisions about her future career, she will undoubtedly have to start thinking about how she wants to be marketed, negotiating sponsorship contracts and going on ‘lifestyle shoots’. Right now though, all she has to do is shred. And here she is doing just that: