Longboarding Lights the Way as WSL Carnival Pumps in Hossegor

With Hossegor blowing-up and the WSL circus in town the pro-surf scene carnival is pumping its way to a climactic finale.

But head down the road for half an hour and an event of a different nature not only bought the warm-up act but was also smashing the limelight with ex-WSL riders competing in a logging classic.

Held at the world famous surf beach of la Côte des Basques, the Biarritz Belza Classic showcased surfing talent at the same location that witnessed one of the first documented sessions in Europe, back in 1956.

There was no shortage of performance during a full day of action blessed with perfect weather and pristine wave conditions

The event, a one-day invitational competition, gathered 12 male and four female log-riders, including the UK’s Joe Davis, in the return of competitive longboard surfing to its French and European cradle.

The invitational was organised in association with clothing brand RVCA, we spoke to European marketing manager Greg Puget about the comp.

“We are very honored to be apart of this inaugural event that already shows great potential for the future, RVCA is currently going forward in all its various fields of competency, and surfing remains a key asset in our rich portfolio of art, skateboarding, streetwear and martial arts.”

The Biarritz Belza Classic is organised by the Cote Des Basques Surf club, president of the club Jon Rezin commented.

“It is really a great moment for us here at the Surf club, there has been a clear will to see an event return to this beautiful beach where we surf and hang out every day. It took some time but here we are, re-launching a log-riding event, with the famous Belza villa in the background and decades of surf history on all minds.”

There was no shortage of performance during a full day of action blessed with perfect weather and pristine wave conditions. Both male and female competitors gathered in a laid-back authentic grassroots event that still packed a competitive edge.

Former WSL world No. 2 Antoine Delpero from Bidart in France clinched the title of what is set to become a staple in the longboarding calendar.



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