This Is How Many People Have Surfed Surf Snowdonia Since It Opened

You might be surprised at the figures.

Despite a seemingly shaky start, according to newly released figures, Surf Snowdonia has enjoyed a thoroughly successful first year.

The stats revealed it has welcomed a massive 150,000 visitors over the course of the season, which is more than double what they had originally forecast.

The number includes 18,000 overseas visitors, ratifying the parks initial claims that it would draw international tourism to the region. Managing director Andy Ainscough said these figures regarding international visitors made him “smile for all sorts of reasons” adding that “The majority of visitors live within a two-hour-drive radius, with London and the South West also making up a significant part of our UK market.”

Stan Norman at the exact point after engaging the rail when he releases it into a snap CREDT JOEL GRAY

UK Grom Stan Norman practising his rail game. Photo Surf Solutions

“Developments like Surf Snowdonia have become real game changers for the region.” said Jim Jones, managing director of regional marketing agency Go North Wales.

“It is a very special place – not only because it is a world-first commercial inland surfing lagoon – but because it is an attraction and destination that appeals to all generations.” he continued.  “From my perspective it has made my job of promoting the North Wales region to the world a whole lot easier.”

As well as the boost to the local economy, the park has also created 95 jobs and due to increased demand have decided to extend their season further into the winter. The park also launched a community initiative called Dyffryn Valley Surf Club which invites local young people to come and surf for a discounted rate of £3 per session per week.

The facility has also worked with various charities including Help for Hereos, which delivered three, week long residential surf courses for wounded, injured and sick veterans, after Surf Snowdonia donated a package worth £12,000.

Whilst the quality of the surf as a high performance wave has sometimes been called into question, there’s no doubt it serves as a good platform for learners and intermediates looking to develop their skills and we’re stoked to see the project is doing well.

Last mont the UK Pro Surf tour held a competition up at the facility, which you can check out the highlights of here: