Mason Ho Tells Stories From His Misspent Youth

Mason Ho talks about life growing up on The North Shore

Mason Ho is the son of Hawaiian star Michael Ho, the nephew of Hawaii’s first ever world champ, Derek Ho, and the brother of girls champ Coco Ho and one of the worlds favourite free surfing personalities. Not only that, but he surfs incredibly well, both in a vest and out- taking out 9th place finishes a the Volcom Pipe Pro and the Ripcurl Pro Bells, and scoring some of the best Pipe clips of last winter. He’s also at the forefront of progressive aerial surfing, particularly when it comes to flips, as demonstrated in his recent web series  ‘License To Chill’ which was touted as one of the best web series of the last few years.

Growing up on the North Shore throughout the nineties and early 2000’s, Mason was right in the thick of it, causing a ruckus at ASP banquets, chatting to Andy before his heat at the Pipe Masters and trying to tackle Slater to the ground at The Eddie. In this brand new interview with Sean Doherty and Mysurftv Mason talks picking his favourite pros based on who gave him the most change to use in the arcade, how inspiring it was to grow up during the AI & Slater years and the hijinx he used to get up to.

Highlights include the time he rubbed greasy chicken on AI’s board before his heat at the Pipe Masters and the time Slater punched him in front of a group of Japanese autograph hunters: