Russell Bierke And Friends At Mental Shipstern Bluff

Danny Griffiths still has a sore shoulder. That’s all he really had to say about his wipeout at the 1.16 mark. You know, the sort of proclamation regular people might make after a game of tennis, or a few too many reps at the gym, or long surf with lots of paddling. Danny Griffiths and the rest of the mad crew who you see here are not regular people though.

Shipstern Bluff, a slab of reef under a tall cliff in the south west of Tassie, is known for it ugly, monstrous looking waves, however you’d be hard pressed to find a clip of people trying to surf it on a nastier looking day than this.

New @otzpic clip on @stab cinema. This is @alasdairjshurman’s view from street level of the day back in June. @barrel_dodgers_anonymous

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It’s the ‘trickiness’ of the entrance down the face at Shipsterns that keeps them going back for more, says Danny- that hunger to tame the wildest beast imaginable out there and come out unscathed. And as the thirst for such content remains unquenchable, the boys will continue to push the boundaries and as a result, as with aerial surfing, what we now consider impossible may well end up common place in less than a decade.

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