Mick Fanning Surfing Under The Northern Lights

Mick Fanning hooks up with two Norwegian photogs to attempt to capture a never before seen image

They say everything’s been done, but we reckon they’re wrong. Because it’s 2016, and surf photography has existed for roughly eighty years, and we’ve just seen a surf shot we’ve never ever seen before.

“I don’t think I’m well,” said Mick Fanning, as he stood on a remote beach in Norway as night began to close in “I can go anywhere in the world. Boardshorts, whatever. But no, I come here.”

A few weeks before, Fanning, along with local Norwegian photographers Emil Sollie and Mats Grimsæth began to put plans in place for an ambitious shoot the pair of photographers had been considering for years. the aim? to capture a surf shot, under the northern lights.

Mick Fanning Northern Lights

Mick Fanning surfs under the northern lights Lofoten, Norway on November 10, 2016 Photo © Emil Sollie & Mats Grimsæth

“To shoot a picture of surfing under the Northern Lights, there are so many elements that have to come together at the same time,” explained Sollie of the venture. “Technically, this is one of the hardest pictures to capture.”

This clip was shot at midnight on day three of the trip. “You can imagine,” said Fanning. “Half asleep, jumping in a wetsuit, and then just being wowed by all this stuff. It’s something I’ll remember forever.”