Ocean2Ocean Opens its Online Doors

Warren Tuck, former South African professional surfer and Vissla teamrider, has jsut flicked the switch on his brand new online surf store.


Before moving to Newquay Cornwall six years ago Warren was a sale representative for some major surf brands back in South Africa and with his Mum having worked for a major international surf label for over 15 years, learnt the in and outs of the industry.

Warren had been gagging to open up a little something of his own, living in Newquay, the hub of the UK surf scene, fitted really well too, so earlier this week we’re all stoked to see www.oceantwoocean.com launched, a website dedicated to all who are passionate about surf, apparel, lifestyle and travel. It’s a web store where you can find all your surfing needs, from booking a boat trip in the Mentawais at ridiculously competitive prices, to a holiday in Bali, Sumbawa or J Bay.


You can do it right from the site, wherever you are in the world. The clothing brands Ocean2Ocean stock areedgy and fresh. They stock quality surfboards, traction and hardware and have a lifestyle section with quirky ladies handbags, headwear and jewellery from their in-house brand.

With the ever growing popularity of surfers choosing to buy online, Ocean2Ocean have kept their site feeling as much like an authentic surf shop as possible and not just a million listed items to try make a sale.

I really hope everybody likes it and finds it as easy to use as we intended.

So hit them up on their website or on Facebook. Let them know what you think, its basically dedicated to those who have fun off the edge of continents.