A Short Film About The Only Female Surfer In Sierra Leone

Meet Sierra Leone's first female surfer, Kadiatu Kamara.

Kadiatu Kamara, known to everyone as KK, is the only female surfer at Bureh Beach and it is claimed, the only surfer in Sierra Leone.

Long white sandy beaches, backed by tall palms make up Sierra Leone’s relatively unexplored coastline, which faces head on into the Atlantic, and receives plenty of swell. 90 minutes from the capital Freetown lies the beautifully picturesque Bureh Beach, which boasts an epic left hander. The village also plays host to the countries first ever surf club, which was set up by an Irish expat back in 2012.

Kadiatu Kamara, lives in the village and was the first woman to join this club and has since set out to achieve her dream of becoming the countries first female pro surfer.

‘Nowness’ along with directors Daniel Ali and Louis Leeson set out to make a short film introducing the world to Kadiatu, here’s what they had to say about it:

“In 2014 when the Ebola epidemic broke out in Sierra Leone, the country was only just getting on its feet after over a decade of civil war. Two years prior to the breakout, the Bureh Beach Surf Club was established, supporting the village with jobs and various skills. It was important to us to create a film that represented what surfing means to this community: not just as a means of financial support but something that allows them a form of escapism. We wanted the film to speak for itself visually while offering a bit of human interest.”