Our 10 Favourite British Surf Clips… #3

StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE - Episode 10: Maghreb Dreaming

StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE – Episode 10: Maghreb Dreaming

The third clip in the our Favourite British Clips series comes courtesy of Alan Stokes and Tim Davies’ online series ‘Strange Beautiful Life

In the winter of 2013 Stokesy and filmer Tim Davies bailed to Morrocco in search of  variety, quality and culture and by the looks of this edit, the Western Sahara delivered all 3. As with the whole Strange Beautiful Life series both the surfing and the production are second to none, however we chose this episode over the others because of the amazing array of surfing on display, with everything from text book on rail gouges to super progressive airs, including one of the best back side rotators we’ve ever seen from a British surfer (at 4.40). Davies’ documentation of the place, culture and people is also nothing short of masterful and in our opinion this clips is up there with some of the feature length surf films of the day.