Our 10 Favourite British Surf Clips… #8

The Last Swell - Tim Boydell

The Last Swell 

The next clip in our series features surfers Mitch Corbett Tom Butler, Mark Harris, Josh Hughes and Tom Lowe and documents a trip up north in search of undiscovered spots, with Tim Boydell behind the lens. 

Back in 2012 a group of intrepid British surfers along with videographers Tim Boydell and Will Bailey set off in search of as yet unsurfed and undocumented spots along the British coastline. ‘We spent 6 weeks searching every nook and headland for new waves. We only scored 2 days of swell and the reward was absolutely breathtaking’ said Boydell of the trip and his clip certainly conveys as much. Particularly poignant as missions in the British surf isles have seemingly fallen out of fashion a little, quite possibly because of dwindling industry funds- this clip immortalises an important period in the history of British Surf culture.