Our Favourites From The Archive

This year Wavelength is turning 35 and far from slowing down, bowing to societal pressures, getting a mortgage and popping out sprogs we made a new issue of the mag, which you can check out here and threw a party.

Over the course of our 35 years of mag making we’ve accumulated a huge archive of images, many of which were shot by our late great founder John Conway and live as colour slides, neatly stacked in one corner of our office. Over the last few months we’ve been upturning the plastic boxes which contain them over a light box and wading through the content. What we’ve discovered is a veritable mix of imagery documenting the evolution of British and international surf culture throughout the 70’s & 80’s as it exploded into the mainstream. So come with us on a vivid and nostalgic trip down memory lane and see if you can spot your nan (hopefully not topless). We’ve also got a selection of these images available as a pack of limited edition post cards, which you can buy in the WL shop here.

If you’ve got any information about the images or those featured in them, drop them in the comments as we’d love to gather more info on them.

All photos John Conway