Our Five Favourites From July

July has been a pretty epic month for clips, here’s a run down of our favourites:


Ever wondered what surfing would look like if you took away the board? well thats exactly what Foster Huntington (of  #vanlife fame) has done in this new edit and it makes for a pretty aesthetically interesting clip. It features style masters Trevor Gordon, Ryan Burch, Spencer Gordon and Travers Adler and really allows you to watch the way they surf in a whole different way.


It’s rare you see a twin-fin, effortless style and slabs combine so harmoniously:


Sumbawa looks pretty incredible doesn’t it? Lush jungle falls away into the sea, where perfectly hollow, crystal blue waves unload. An ideal playground for some of team Volcom’s youthful contingent, including Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Imai Devault, and Noah Schweizer.


You’ve probably never heard the name Frankie Harrer. We hadn’t either until this morning when this edit of her absolutely going for it macking chopes dropped onto our screens. The future looks bright for this 18 year old from California, and for women’s surfing in general.


An incredible visual study of some of Aus’ most remote slabs from the sky, by photographer Chris Gurney.

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