Perfect Sunday Viewing; Josie Prendergast Surfing The ‘Dirt Nap’

A beautifully artistic short featuring Josie Prendergast and a brand new shape from Mctavish surfboards

Here’s a beautiful little short for a Sunday lunchtime, featuring an artful take on the launch of a new board model, The Dirt Nap, from Mctavish surfboards and starring the beguiling Josie Prendergast.

Here’s what McTavish had to say about the clip, and the brand new shape that it’s launching:

“Attention to detail is important, and when you’re a designer it naturally becomes a part of your everyday focus. A number of small details come together and the design becomes a ’sum of all parts’ – both functional and beautiful. This is certainly the case with the Dirt Nap – Designed by Ben McTavish it is a thing of unquestionable beauty, but whose good looks stem from a need for versatility in the water. Its narrow waist brings trim speed, its soft rails bring a seamless transition through turns, and its defined nose concave generates lift when you need it most.

A board of such calibre deserves a rider and a clip to match, so we’ve chosen Byron Bays own Josie Prendergast, and award-winning local film-maker Stefan Jose to introduce to you, the 2017 Dirt Nap.”