Protect yourself against surfer’s ear

CJB’s Surf Company are proud to announce that they are the new UK/Eire distributor for Surf Ears® and are excited to bring the product to the UK market place.


Surf Ears® is a revolutionary new product developed by a team of professional product designers and dedicated surfers from Sweden. Surf Ears® have recognised the significant importance of creating an earplug that not only protects ears from cold wind, water and bacteria but that allows sound to penetrate and subsequently maximises your ability to balance, essential for water and board sports. Many of the earplugs on the market mean you have to sacrifice the ability to hear and as a result a huge number of surfers refuse to wear earplugs all together, even at the risk of developing exostosis (also known as “surfer’s ear”).

Surfer’s ear occurs from exposure to cold winds and water and causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to distort and develop abnormal growths which narrow and constrict the ear canal; this can develop into recurring ear infections or worse, a hearing deficiency.


Surf Ears® have been designed to keep the water out but let sound in, allowing you to stay connected to the environment while protecting yourself against surfer’s ear.

RRP: £36.99

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