Pumping Waves In Italy With Locals Roby D’amico & Eugenio Barcelloni

Roby D'Amico & Eugenio Barcelloni travel from North to South searching for pumping waves in Italy

Italy is probably as prominent in the international surf conscious as it’s ever been this year thanks to the success of Leo Fioravanti, however Italy also has a variety of other super talented surfers, and as it turns out, a whole load of pretty sick waves.

Here’s a brand new clip featuring two of the nation’s best surfers; Roberto D’Amico & Eugenio Barcelloni, travelling the coastline, scoring some of those waves and relishing the picture postcard setting which surrounds them. Filmed over the course of three different swells from October to January, each presented itself as a rare long fetch swell, as most of the waves in Italy are created by near-shore wind swell.

‘We only called it on for each swell the night before’ said Roby D’Amico ‘It’s really tricky to score here, the sea is so small and changes every few minutes. But over the time spent making the clip we learnt a bit more and we were finally able to score conditions we’d been dreaming of’.

‘I think Italy is a pretty unique place to surf’ said film maker Alessio Saraifoge. ‘The fragrances, colours, food, places, waves, people, it’s all so different from region to region, but at the same time so similar. When you’re traveling around Italy you have that feeling’ he continued ‘it’s like being in a postcard’.