Radical Times in France with Team Quik

For two weeks during the Quik Pro France,  Quiky gathered a mass of its team riders, encompassing its up and coming grom contingent, through it’s top-of-their-gamers, to its long standing legends, with a few snowboarders and skaters thrown in for good measure.

They did all the things that everyone travels to France to engage in. Wine. Cheese. Casual nudity. Croissants. Edible snails. More wine. Etc. as well as finding plenty of ramps and barrels for the whole crew to get stuck into. The result is an epic little clip that really encompasses why France is one of the worlds favourite surf destinations.

Whilst we were in France we’d rarely rock up to find a line up without at least one Quiky rider in it and subsequently you can see many of the magical moments that feature in this clip, and many that don’t, also frozen in time in our French Free Surf Gallery here.

“We’re bringing the whole crew together to experience it all.” said Quik of their new clip “Surfers, skaters, snowboarders, musicians and more. From Mike D of the Beastie Boys to Mike Feb of South Africa, we’re setting out to enjoy true France. We’re using ideas as our maps, inspiration as our atlas, and legends like Jeremy Flores as our eyes and ears. We’re doing it right. And you’re coming with us:”